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The Story of the Hadrofunkel Level: ELEMENTARY

Scriptural Base:

Joshua 24:15


There was once a brilliant Man who lived alone on an island. He was so smart that He found a way to do things that seemed to break the laws of science. He even learned how to create things out of absolutely nothing! He spent many years on the island alone inventing countless wonders never to be seen by man’s eyes. But, His most prized possession was called the “Hadrofunkel”. It was a thing of many uses and applications and was a beautiful sight to the eyes. It could even speak and learn to use its own applications to do lots of great things! One day the Inventor decided to go back in time and tell His younger Self some amazing things He had just discovered and He told His hadrofunkel, “Take care of things here, I have made several others like you to help and when I return there will be a wonderful new reality to be seen! With that, the Inventor disappeared in a brilliant flash of light! And, for the first time ever, the hadrofunkels were alone. Now, the Inventor was very wise and had a perfect memory. So He didn’t need to write instructions on His inventions, but the hadrofunkels had no idea what all of the wonderful inventions did including themselves. So they began to test and fiddle with each widget. They found some of them to be good at covering up pain if they crushed it and boiled it. So they called those widgets aspirin andwrote out instructions on how to change the perfectly created invention to do their bidding, not realizing the Inventor had left several items behind specifically designed for pain. One day they came across a funny looking box that only had a button and a note that said “push to talk”. They didn’t know how to read, but out of curiousity, they eventually pushed the button and up popped a window with no one else but the Inventor inside! The Inventor was so happy to see His creations again and forgave them for crushing up His other inventions. He wanted to talk with them all and told them He would see them again very soon. He also told them that there were far too many inventions and features on the island for Him to explain all at once, but that He made the “wazflick” they were holding so that they could have a way to talk with Him. He also said that after this communication the wazflick would explode, but not to worry, He put a wazflick in every hadrofunkel, but they would have to choose either to activate it or continue to try and figure things out on their own. He said that He wouldn’t fault them for the mistakes they made with His inventions before they discovered the wazflick, but now that they are aware of the wazflick that if they choose to figure things out on their own and misuse or damage anymore of His inventions that, when He gets back to transfer the old for the new world He’s working on, they will be disassembled and thrown into the sea! And with that, the wazflick fizzled and cracked and, with a loud “BANG”, exploded into a million pieces. The hadrofunkels looked at each other. Some went back to making their aspirin and other things out of the Inventor’s inventions saying to the others, “You can’t prove that movie was really the inventor. Besides we looked while He was talking and didn’t see any wazflick on us!” The other group believed the Inventor and searched and searched and searched and finally, after finding what seemed to be thousands of features and abilities both common and unique to each hadrofunkel, they found a dusty hidden switch tucked under their chest plate, and, for the first time since their creation, they personally heard the voice of their Inventor!

Question: If you were a hadrofunkel, which group would you belong to? The ones who went about finding their own way or the one’s that learned to listen to the instructions of the Inventor before misusing another one of His inventions?

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