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The Season of the Watchman has Ended... A New Season Begins...

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Insanity, contemporaneously defined, is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

For almost 8 years now I have warned every one I could about the coming persecution.

For almost 8 years, I have traveled as much as my means allowed me, to encourage the saved and the sinner alike to really dig into a real relationship with Christ.

For almost 8 years, I tried to help those with health issues eliminate the infirmity from their body

For almost 8 years, I tried to help those who held onto carnal adaptations of the gospel and what it means for the believer see the error of their beliefs

I have been called a false-prophet


A conspiricacy theorist

A fanatic

A “different” person



The list goes on... for a long time.

But after my second mission to Kenya, Africa, a strange conversation unfolded between me and God.

Conclusively, that the enemy that was far enough away for America to change and prepare for the incoming attack, is now too close for warnings to occur.

I wrestled with what that meant for my faith and what that means practically as a Christian.

Am I not to proclaim the gospel any longer?

Am I not to live according to the unctions of the Spirit?

Am I to step out of the Great Commission given by our Lord?

No, not in the slightest.

But God has given me peace to, once again as I did when I stepped away from ministry through music, stop casting the pearls he's given me to the swine.

I have been given peace to let deaf ears be just that, and as a result, though it is sickening to hear friends and family misquote or even make up things that are not in Scripture...

though it pains me to see the health of my fellow man degrade to a point of complete unviability...

though I hurt everyday with the filth of sin that has inundated our “civilized” society...

I have peace in letting those who are stuck to their way as opposed to Yah's way, walk into destruction.

It started long ago with my grandmother, who constantly complained about her health and its decline.

Everyday, I would ask her to try the various herbs and teas and tinctures I use to maintain my health.

Then, once pronounced in the most dire of health states, she tries one thing, and what do you know?

Her health improves.

This didn't spark a deep desire for her to pursue the technique. No, just a passing season of seed that never took root.

All of the conversations about faith and true evidence of trusting God...?

No, on my recent mission to Kenya, I only heard stories of worry and doubt.

My friends have turned towards worldly, esoteric, and pagan means to relieve their pain, or worse, fallen victim to one or more of the plethera of false “Christian” teachings in the world.

I could probably fill a book of all of the close members of friends and family I have tried to pour into and encourage towards deeper faith in God, but the moment the ball is in their court to step off of the boat and onto the roaring see towards Him, I witness the fruitless return towards the convenient and popular ways and mindset of this world.

And now, perhaps even worse, the behind my back conversations about my “state” or “situation” are all too apparent in face to face conversations to bear, to the point that I would almost pick up watching the brainwashing machine just so I can have some vain topic to fill the time with those who are more focused on “fixing” me or getting me to see their rationale than truly listening to what I have found to be true.

I'm not discouraged, just more focused.

As the attack begins, one learns that you cannot save everyone and attention is given to those who earnestly give ear to the words you speak. Not to find fault, but to find truth.

I am certain this season in my life is now focused towards that, so if I sound dismissive, ambivalent,or apathetic towards your struggle, I apologize. I feel for you and truly hope you find healing, but I am now only going to focus my energy on those who truly wish to hear. I'm filled to the gills with people and their opinions about life born through their experiences, and no longer wish to try to help such people see the error in valuing earth-based “wisdom” over what God clearly said.

I apologize if this seems like a rant, but I had to get this off of my chest and, as I said before, I am surrounded by people who love to speak, but are seemingly incapable of listening. So, with that said, I pray that you, the reader, know God truly. That you can hear from Him and you have an earnest desire to do His will for you. I pray that you are mature enough in His Word to seek out what that practically plays out as in your life, and that something I have said inspired you to let go of your own mind in order to more fully embrace the mind of Christ. I don't plan on blogging again. My efforts at home and abroad will not cease.

I am here for a purpose, as are all of you. I pray you find yours. This watchman has been relieved of duty as such (only to pick up another mantle from the Father). Blessings to you all

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