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The Birth of a Ministry


First, it was an artist/minister

A nearly 5-octave range... Countless bars of hit lines... Musical command of 9 instruments... 

What started as a bashful acquaintance grew into a passionate romance as the then Science & Foreign Language major of Xavier University of Louisiana found himself quickly falling in love with ministry and finding the purpose he never knew was missing. Although his writing skills were originally born out of artistic expression in secular rap (yes, he does rap) he quickly became a proficient bi-lingual songwriter allowing the perfect marriage between the powerful, yet soulful voice and the poetic imagery born through his lyrics. After 7 years of service to the Body and a genuine petition to see it unite and bring to life the many visions he and other members were burdened with, Aservant retired from gospel artistry and music ministry in the US in order to take up the mantle of financier in an effort to bring to life the visions that weighed upon his heart.



  As the Pastor, President, and CEO of the non-profit organization, Luke 3:11 until Matthew 6:33, Inc., Aservant and his team of dedicated leadership is now focused on several community development initiatives domestically and abroad.

Ministry of Aservant:

Then it became a church/Non-Profit Organization

Ministry of Aservant is a faith-based, non-profit organization in Waco, TX spearheaded by Femi J. Ariya a.k.a. the gospel minister/artist “Aservant” a young man with the vision to uplift and strengthen societies locally and at large through equipping individuals with the right tools for a healthy, fruitful life.  Our goal is create better societies from the economical, educational, cultural, and (principally) spiritual perspectives. Now, with a global partnership leading to the establishment of a subsidiary in Kenya and two ministry visions underway (the Harvest Field Project and Christ for Kenya), Luke 3:11 until Matthew 6:33, Inc. is moving from the season of vision into a season of manifestation.

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