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We are taking steps to leave a Christ-sized impact on our world.

Current Missions:

Christ 4 Kenya (current)

     Flight Date: TBA

Harvest Field (pending)

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We need YOUR help!

Fulfilling the visions the Lord has placed on our heart is a community effort!

Will you help us by making a sacrifice and donating towards our missions?...

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Thursdays 7pm (Suspended Until 4/22)

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Pray and Do...

A sacrifice towards this mission will lead to a chain of OVC (Orphans and Vulnerable Children) Care Centers throughout Kenya equipped with not only living facilities, but a Christ-centered fellowship, school, and low-cost clinic.

We are currently partnered with three Christian church fellowships in Kenya and anticipate two more partnerships at the turn of this year. Our connections and community of believers on-board with this program has grown in spite of many attacks from the enemy and we are honored to claim the victory by and for the kingdom of our God!

We will bring stability to kids like Joel, a young boy we met during our second land assessment operation in Bumala, who lives with his disabled grandmother and carries bags at the local bus station to earn money for food each day.

But only with your help. Make a sacrifice today. Your best gift will be transformation that will shape the lives of many.

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