I stopped recording music in America because of a great correlation of self-centered, prosperity gospel fallacy that has poisoned our society and caused the brethren we have the ability to help at home and abroad to suffer great distresses. Many people in America said, "Don't stop making music" and I haven't. My worship to my Lord God and Father has not stopped, nor did it "start" when I became an artist, I just stopped sharing the sacrifice of the unique songs God gave me with people who largely have no concept of self-less sacrifice. But a couple days ago, God gave me the green light to release a song for my American brethren. If the you don't see a problem with the first verse, then the song is probably about you... Enjoy...

Vanilla Latte Jesus

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It's my season,
It's my blessin,
It's my purpose,
In this circus, so
I'm not stressin,
It's my time,
It's my year,
Cuz my pastor said,
The confirmation's clear,

Oh, and Jesus,
He's mine too,
He's on the bumper of my car,
He's on the laces of my shoe,
And He walks with me He talks with me
Wherever I may go,
But everything that He is telling me,
I won't claim that I know, cuz

I want vanilla-latte Jesus,
Extra fat-free milk,
And I enjoy His many blessings,
And that precious blood He spilt,
I take Him with me where I go,
And tell mysellf that's how I follow,
But deny myself for someone else,
Too big a pill to swallow 

But it's all His season,
It's His blessing,
It's His purpose,
That gives meaning to our stressing,
It's His time,
It's His year,
Just look up what A.D. means,
It's crystal clear,

And to think that Jesus,
Died just for you,
Is a mentality that's
Poisonous and rude,
He's not some Servant for your good,
He paid a price you never could,
And the gratitude expected,
Is you follow where directed,

But they all want vanilla-latte Jesus,
Extra fat-free milk,
They want to enjoy His many blessings,
And that precious blood He spilt,
Take Him with them everywhere,
But, where He's leading, they don't care,
Cuz the cross is heavy,
Hill is steep, and
Cruxificion ain't they thing,


It's as subtle as the serpent, when he chirped in, the ear of the naked virgin, painless birth of sinful learning, to satisfy a perversion, that the thing that was created, dictated and undeserving, be the master of its fate and the author of its own purpose, have a suffering aversion, conversion is not for burning, desires of all the carnal cuz Jesus drove an Excursion, right? Save the game for the night train, Carrying crosses comes with nice pain, nail scars plus shame, that's the hustle down here on earth, your desires for the mansion shouldn't be until the next birth, they called Him cursed hangin' there on the tree, but material and blessings  and more money for me, is what I see, more than anything else, everybody on a mission to show God through their wealth, health, self and happiness, patent on the product of the passion is  obedience through suffering and laughing when they cut ya, stuff a prayer up through the shutters for the perpetrator's mother, and they daddy and they nephew and cousin, no doubt, this faith walk ain't no cake walk, believe that there, but the steps ain't changed since Christ was here, yea