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Thank you for your interest in joining us in the path God is leading us down!


When you are ready, follow these steps to begin your journey with us and become a member:

1. Watch this video:

2. Pray that God lead you in your covenant of sacrifice with Him (an offering must be made either monthly or weekly to maintain membership status)

3. Sow the sacrifice you prayed about in faith by opening another page and directing to and clicking the "Donate" button (recommended method) and know your dedication and faithfulness of giving is a commitment between you and the Most High.

We are simply under the Levitical mantle to receive and prepare it for every good work as the under shepherds you are spiritually nourished from.

4. Click
HERE to open the sign-up/sign-in page and go through the sign up process

This is a sermon given by our pastor as an example of the way in which God uses our leadership to feed and
equip the flock under our stewardship

Please listen and be blessed if you feel lead before you begin following the steps. We hope to fellowship with you as we repent into better and better images of Christ!

The Right Voice - 03/13/2021
Pst. Femi Ariya

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