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Reconstructing Your Mind

In the construction of a house, the cornerstone is perhaps the single most important structure in relation to the stability of the house. Christ is that sure Rock (Matthew 7:24-25), the very Chief Cornerstone the builders rejected that He speaks of in this verse. As we build our lives, this temporary finite thing that will one day be broken down into nothing and over shadowed with the new construction going up, we are tasked with three phases of existence that occur independent of one's salvation, claim of salvation, or complete lack thereof. These are:

  • Constructing

  • Maintaining or “Dwelling In”

  • Renovating

Over the next few weeks we will be looking at the last blog posts I intend to share with you all, these three phases in detail and, hopefully, I'll be sharing some godly wisdom that helped me much.

Please don't be sad about the end of this time God has allowed us to share. Instead, be encouraged. Everything has a season. Maybe God never meant for me to make it as a dedicated minister; maybe certain people of God chose their lifestyles, families, friends and sins over the true sacrifice needed to maintain a dedicated body of contemporary Levites within the vine. I dunno and, honestly, I'm tired of racking my brain over the issue. So it is in the middle of this time we share that I will give a preliminary goodbye as I make a transition from a minister to a “tent maker”. Long story that I may one day blog about if it be the Lord's will, but for now, I ask that you pray for me as I delve into the art of being the sole financier of some visions I'm confident should have been in operation a loooooong time ago.

Now back to the current trio!

Construction - Before a house is livable, it must be made or “constructed”. This process takes a previously uncomfortably habitable space and turns it into a place of familiarity, confidence, and security. For the running analogy, it will be synonymous with the establishment of a paradigm or governing ideology.

Maintaining/“Dwelling In” - Once a house is built we move into it and make the house a “home”. Comfort is maximized, space is tweaked and lightly modified to suit the needs of the inhabitant(s) and regular upkeep and cleaning is applied to establish a healthy and clan environment for work to be done and life to be lived.

Renovating – Eventually, there comes a time when the original vision is no longer the best attainable plan to maximize the functionality of the home in relation to the desires and needs of the inhabitant(s). At this time of realization, a new, modified vision is conceived in which the destruction of all or part of the house must occur before fruitful construction of a more capable dwelling is established

And so, an intricate dance occurs between Maintenance/”Dwelling In” and Renovating until the inhabitant of the house no longer needs it and moves on to greener (hopefully) pastures. Please take a moment to catch the general overview of the running analogy and, prayerfully, our last few moments in reach of one another's eye-tension (lol, attention... get it?... Come on, that was funny... eye... tension... oh, nevermind...)

So get ready! It was super fruitful to my growth and walk with the Lord and I pray it is the same for you!!!

May God strengthen you to do all the things He has spoken into your heart during our time together and thanks for reading!!!

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