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Wonder Twin Powers Activate! Part II

Inspired from study of Acts 8:29-36

So, for us who are saved, our Wonder Twin is Christ, who lives in us and the Holy Spirit who dwells with us. But let me ask, is that what people see when they look at you? Jesus? If God were to ask the ten strangers you encounter the most each year, “did you see my Son in their actions?” Would they give a resounding and emphatic “Yes!”? And before you jump on the, “yes, I've been saved all my life and I'm the leader of the elder scrolls board and I just became an Usher, I went to his concert last week...” train let us go back to the fact that this world's overall rejection of Christ as their Lord and Savior has nothing to do with the character of Christ, but everything to do with the character of his followers. Add that to the fact that the vast majority of the unsaved and violent towards God live in countries claimed to be totally won for Christ and devoted to Him and you see a deductive conclusion that a majority of “church-goers” who claim that Christ is their Wonder Twin are walking around looking like (or trying to look like) Beyonce (or some pretty face on the cover of some magazine or on some show), Mac (or some make up artist's image of what is beautiful), Ferrari (or some car designer's image of what's excellent), Capital One (or some banker's idea of adequate “savings” for the “future”), Louis Vuitton (or some clothier's idea of fashion), Lipitor (or some pharmacuetical company's idea of “health”), shall I continue?

Furthermore, when the “church-goer” assumes this way of life and teaches the propagation of this way of life to baby “church-goers” through teachings like, “God doesn't want you to be miserable...” (unbiblical, read Ecclesiastes 3:1 and Galatians 1:6-10 to name a couple), “God wants me to have the best!” or “I deserve God's best” (unbiblical on several levels, read Philippians 4:11-12 and we have NO idea what God's best is outside of what He reveals to us, read Isaiah 55:8), we create and feed the growth of an incredulous false church that is much more carnally appealing than the real one, and, as new possible believers approach this shiny gold and gucci ladden “church” to find the true peace and rest of Christ they are burned by deceptive hell fire painted as the marks of Christ's Hands and Feet. So the real church wanes and the false church stagnates in proportion to the unbeliever's who wake up to its hypocrisy.

So, where does that leave you?

Hopefully not filling yourself with fruitless questions about what you look like in front of others and “how good” a Christian you are or aren't being...

The truth is it is impossible to be Christ in every situation, God knows that and provided the things within the Way of Christianity to be a Christian in spite of our dreadful inability to be Christ. However, those things, transparency, humility, accountability, etc. go in the same bucket that crucifixion, death to self, servitude, contriteness, balled up pieces of scratch paper and chewed up bubble gum go in when the average “Christian” is presented with to opportunity to grow in those areas, and, as a result, the majority of Christians who find living a certain type of life to be more paramount than living a truly Christian life will walk the path from a true relationship of complete growth with Christ to becoming a “church-goer”, stunted and stagnated in their growth to the point that witnessing/rebuking them becomes nearly impossible, because they know ALL the scriptures, attend ALL the church services, and look like what the world calls successful. You can't tell people who have arrived at that level in life that they are COMPLETELY wrong and need to repent immediately, I've tried... multiple times... in multiple ways... I wonder sometimes why God even asks me to say it to certain people over again... and over again... Yet He is equally patient with me in my imperfect pursuit, and I presume that true justice would require equal patience and desire for reconciliation from those who don't necessarily pursue with the same level of imperfection (if they truly pursue Him at all).

So let's speak a little more concretely as we conclude, what do you want?

What He offers?

The joy, the peace, the love, the purpose, etc?

Or have you grown enough to trust that those are natural results of a desire to be truly used by Him?

Even if that means He has a cross at the top of your own personal Golgotha with your name on it?

For if you run after those things, like all of the pagans, you will never truly receive them, but if you give up on the pursuit of what God can offer you and begin to truly want God for the sake of a relationship with the Creator of all and His Perfect Exposition of desire to be with you, all you sought before will be thrown at your feet in abundance, regardless of your “present” life situations.

The fact is, church-goers want the blessings of God, true Christians learn to want His nail scars because at the end of the day, they know the more they look like Him, the more pleased He will be with us.

What do you want?

What do you pray for?

Who is your Wonder Twin?

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