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Tribulation Allows Translation

Inspired from study of Acts 8:26-29

Before we get into today's topic I think it is worth mentioning that, at the essential level, this world does not reject Jesus, it rejects those who claim to represent Him (and attribute their actions as synonymous with the heart and character of the god they claim to serve); it does not disrespect God because of the character of God, it disrespects God because of the character of His “so-called” followers, “church-goers” I call them. Paul's letter to Rome (Romans) cites this clearly, “As it is written, "God's name is being blasphemed among the gentiles because of you."” (Romans 2:17-25). Because of the obviously hypocritical resolve of the “church-goer”, any hope to witness to an unbeliever who has experienced the false reality of this hypocritical religion is exponentially harder to reach, not that God can't, but now His servants, the ones who truly wish above all else to do His will only because He is God and deserves it (actually, we aren't able to give God what He deserves in this state, but it is our reasonable service while we are here), must endure harsher sufferings and tribulation in order that the truths of God be laid out plainly against the hypocrisy of the “church-goers”.

This truth highlights a very important and often over looked point in our passage of scripture for today, Philip, brother of Andrew, walked with God made flesh for 3 and a half years, shared in some of His sufferings, and now has matured into a state of rejoicing in His own sufferings for the pleasure of the Father. Because of those experiences and the change they made to him as an individual, he was able to be used by God to start the FIRST Christian “church” in history (the Ethiopian Church is the oldest church in recorded history), and, much in the same way, I'm certain God has also authored and permitted tribulation in your life that is meant to shape your faith, your character and the expression of the two in a way that will provide an undeniable testimony to the next unbeliever to be made anew by the cleansing blood of the Lamb. Now there's two problems with that from our perspective as typical vessels/humans:

1. We do not endeavor in a relationship with God for the purpose of being hurt (although pain of

all kinds is unavoidable in this world regardless of where we lay our hats)

2. The testimony of our pain may not always be well-received or immediately received and after

repetitive use by God to speak to unresponsive people, we may become weary in our

well-doing or reject the idea of continuing to do well altogether.

However, even though there will be a plethera of scoffers and nay-sayers, unbelievers who refuse to yield to the call of God through the faithful few and others who reject the idea of a God at all for the reason of the human-made and maintained depravity in this world, there are still pockets of curious people who are looking for something. Something that they may not be able to originally articulate, but a something that they KNOW they are missing; Someone that may have never met, but Someone they KNOW they can't live without, and your trials, your tribulations, your sufferings and life experiences have prepared you to present that One to them in a totally convincing way. You were made to be the Philip of some unfruitful eunuch somewhere and turn their sterile bowels into the birthing place of a powerful part of the body of Christ. Which brings me to another point, do you know what a eunuch is? They are male servants who have had their reproductive organs removed such that they have no possible way to defile or impregnate high ranking female royalty or officials. They are similar in every way to a “transgender” person except in ONE key area.


You see, many eunuchs had no choice as to whether or not they were going to be eunuchs, it was a condition of war, or birth, or debt, or law, or some external factor. “Transgenders” choose to remove their nuts and bolts in a belief that they are becoming the “self” they “actually” are per the voices and sentiments floating around in their head. However, the result is the same. No marching soldiers. Yet, one group is home to the messenger of the FIRST Christian “church” in history, and the other commits what is called an abomination that causes desolation. I believe this testifies to the fact that God is uninterested in what people do, His only concern is the “why”; the motivation that pushed the action into the realm of reality; the thing that made this person to reach their conclusion and actuate their plan. And even in sin I believe each human being, while on this earth has an opportunity to repent and receive Christ (except those who are guilty of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, which arguably, isn't even possible for the human being). But through analyzing intent, we see that sin is born loooooong before the resultant action makes its appearance in this physical world, and is still sin before God, even if the action is curtailed.

This eunuch had come from a far place to worship and hear the Word of God. He made his travel, attended the religious church service and left confused, asking questions and unable to understand the Word of God. Sound familiar? If it does that's because it is an excellent snapshot of the contemporary “church-goer” religion. Go to church, follow the rules, and come back for more instructions from the master... I mean... um... pastor... This eunuch, apparently just traveled internationally in search of the Spirit of the Most High, received a heavy dose of religion and did not experience God in any way, because here he is on his way back from service apparently in the dark and confused about what he is reading, and God Almighty is not the author of darkness and confusion. To testify, if you as a born-again believer (that is key) pray and truly study the Word with the right INTENT, the Holy Spirit will show up and reveal to you what God is saying in every particular season. There will be no confusion or lack of understanding. So, as a question for today I would like to ask: Where is darkness and confusion in your life? Identifying those places is an excellent indicator of where God is NOT, meaning you should either leave that place or allow God to be Lord in that place. Pray today that God step in and be Lord in those places you are not letting Him have full reign of your life and ask Him to guide you away from the places you are going where you have no business being.

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