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Cheetos in a Basement Level: MODERATE

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

A heavy sigh of uneasiness escaped from my lips. Though my soul was at peace with sending the mysterious “Ian” my information, I was completely oblivious to the gravity meted out by my action. My little email flung out into the digital void of cyber space was the first step towards an experience that would forever change my approach to ministry and quake the very foundations of my soul.

Hi, I am Femi and I’m an artist.

Respond “Hi, Femi. Join the group. We’re all artists here, no one’s gonna judge you. We walk together so that we can walk in recovery.”

But I’m different.

I am an artist… and, I am a… Christian.

That’s almost a bad word to say nowadays. With that word comes judgement, exclusion, piety, and rejection to the contemporary and often needs the truth of Christ the most. Now, I’m not the believer that thinks you can simply “love your way into heaven,” there is a certain amount of submission and contriteness of spirit required also. But I am a believer who knew that being an artist that sang about Jesus wasn’t what the world needed and somewhere in the very depths of my spirit I felt that the random email from the faceless entity dubbed “Ian” may be the pathway that God Himself authored to bring me closer to true destiny. The more I learned about The Extreme Tour, the more I felt supernaturally pulled to it despite my fears of the heavy-browed, Cheetos eating, diabolical mastermind I read about in the rip-off report, the only negative review I could scrape up on the event. Despite there being overwhelming evidence that this was legit, that one negative report made me quickly fantasize about the con-artist Ted Bruun and his lust to devour the dreams of innocent orphans and tie M-1000s to the tails of kittens as he drained the financial life out of the unsuspecting artist who loved Jesus. However, before I knew it, out of nowhere and nothing, God had provided avenues to purchase a ticket, hotel stay, and registration to attend this event that I was quickly realizing was not a sham at all, but a movement authored by the very hand of God that would change my entire approach to what the “Christians” call ministry. But don’t take my word for it. Below is the first speech by Ted Bruun, who I did not see eat one Cheeto while there, as he diagrammed the why for us all who were brave enough to dare that this was real and challenged us to analyze the Objective. Please listen and enjoy as I will not be posting everything from this event as I respect the amazing giftings and talents of the people who shared and the sacrifice the many people who came made to be in attendance. But for a question today I want to ask you a question that I had to ask myself on the way out to the Objective and during my time there, do you trust God enough to let Him be God and author your own destiny? Even if His penmanship is something completely unorthodox; hope-filled yet unpredictable; and contrary to every line of human logic you can fathom? Do you really, I mean REALLY, trust God?


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