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Your true character shows most at your weakest moments; yet in God, weakness begets His display of strength. So even in your frailty, you are a canvas for God's awesome power to be displayed...

"The future of gospel music" is a heavy claim to carry, but Waco native artist, Aservant, gives hope to the hype with a 4-octave range, countless bars of hit lines, and musical command of 9 instruments. Also, as the President/CEO a non-profit organization focused on several community development initiatives, Aservant is not only a musical phenom but a community-wide movement, proving his valid shot at being a large part of the future gospel music. Listen and love.



The future is NOW.



A gifted vocalist with an incredible range, “Aservant,” born Femi Ariya has had an affinity for music since he was very young. However, this affinity was originally expressed in playing musical instruments. It wasn’t until the singer/songwriter was asked to join his church choir and later the praise team after singing a little too loud from the congregation that his gift in song were realized. What started as a bashful acquaintance grew into a passionate romance as the then Science & Foreign Language major found himself quickly falling in love with ministry and finding the purpose he never knew was missing. As he matured as a singer, he was blessed to cross paths with many gospel greats of the time, including receiving vocal coaching from gospel legend Kim Burrell. Although his writing skills were originally born out of artistic expression in secular rap (yes, he does rap) he quickly became a proficient songwriter allowing the perfect marriage between the powerful, yet soulful voice and the poetic imagery born through his lyrics. With a style completely absent from the contemporary gospel arena, the music and ministry of Aservant is guaranteed to amaze and deeply impact the masses, while leaving them clamoring for more. He is gifted for God’s glory, yet humble with his craft. He is made to touch the world, yet lives to touch the soul. He is nothing more than Aservant.


Aservant: The Future of Gospel Music

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